Pokemon Uranium Online Features [with Step By Step Guide]


Pokemon Uranium Online Features: Pokemon uranium have bough list of surprises for the Pokemon lovers. Now there are lots of Modes available in Pokemon Uranium. Speaking of the same, there are some amazing features that makes the Uranium version a top notch element in the basket of similar niches.

Pokemon Uranium Online Features

Let’s list down some of the amazing features of Pokemon Uranium:

Nuclear Type

Everyone has one single favorite Pokemon which makes them extraordinary from the others. Nuclear type is a new type in the list of Pokemon that can destroy an entire town with its radiation nuclear energy. The nuclear type is a power which is spreading and getting popular in the entire Tandor region in the game.

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Pokemon Uranium Online Features

Pokemon Uranium Modes

It’s a virus that no one wants to inhale but everyone wishes for one! These Pokemon are a bit stubborn as they do not listen to a word or their trainers. Well, at some point it’s a disadvantage as they will blow off everything that comes their way in the entire region. They are known to be unstable as well. SO if you think they are really strong, at some point they are equally weak.

Speech Translator

This is one of the exciting features that allow every type of Pokemon to communicate their speeches directly to the character of the player. So this time, you do not have to skip every segment that contains speech, because the translator will help you understand every emotion of winning Pokemon.

Nuzlocke Mode

Nuzlocke Challenge is not really new to the online gamer. This is a popular gaming challenge which comes up with some consequences on each decision that a player makes. In Pokemon Uranium, ‘Nuzlocke Mode’ refers to the limitation that a player can capture only a single Pokemon at a time within a single route. And if your Pokemon faints in the middle, there is no chance you can revive the same.

Challenge Mode

Another such a surprise is based on a medium called ‘Challenge mode’. Under this mode, the enemy Pokemon enjoys the benefit of the challenge where one can opt for the choice of disabling the usage of holding items in the battle. This mode also restricts the player to buy any sort of product from the Poke Marts. This will bring the steeping challenges for the players who are hardcore fans of Pokemon.

Wonder Trade

Under this feature, player is allowed to trade their Pokemon with other gamer online. But the catch here is: the Pokemon you will receive while trading will be random. So basically, a surprise to unfold! It’s a mysterious and really exciting feature that will either make you with the battle or lose in just few seconds.

Play Pokemon Uranium online Controls Guide

The feature entitled in Pokemon Uranium is what makes the game so exciting and unique from other adventures. As a matter of fact, if you are a hardcore fan of Pokemon, you will certainly end up spending your entire day with this game. The challenges and modes in this game serve justice to the passion shared by each Pokemon separately as well as in a team. Pokemon Uranium Online Features.

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