Pokemon Uranium Character Name List for Players [Male/Female]


Pokemon Uranium Character Name List: Whether it’s a Pokemon game or just a Pokemon show you enjoy on the animated channel, the entire ball game is incomplete without the characters juggling with Pokemon. Every Pokemon needs a trainer and characters to help them win the battle in the Tandor region. Speaking of Pokemon Uranium, in particular, the list of characters will certainly surprise you. It’s the colorful team of players and characters in the game that brings the real charm of challenges and excitement in the game.

Pokemon Uranium Character Name List for Players [Male/Female]

Speaking of the same, let’s list down the major characters in Pokemon Uranium gaming platform:

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Pokemon Uranium Character Name List for Players

Natalie/Vitor: Our Heroes

Natalie/Vitor: Our HeroesNatalie and Vitor are the lead characters in the game. These characters are two boys who are 13 years old from the town of Moki. Their story will certainly touch the hearts of many. They lost their mother at the age of 3 in a nuclear plant. It was after her death that their father switched his focus to become the successful Pokemon Ranger. And meanwhile, the kids were being raised in the house of their Aunt.

The Aunt was growing older and couldn’t handle the responsibilities towards the boys anymore. It was then when they met a local Pokemon professor who offered them a job of research in order to complete the Pokedex. After they started the research work, they also took the Tandor Gym challenge in order to win the ultimate trophy of Elite Championships.

The Rival, Theo

The Rival, TheoThis boy is as the biggest rival of the two brothers. He is a 10 years old young boy from the town of Moki. Theo used to follow the brothers around and copied every tactic from them. As the time passed time, he was offered a started Pokemon at the same time when the heroes were in the similar decision. But Theo was entitled to be weak started as compared to the heroes.

Theo is known for his immature decision and whiny nature as he starts crying when things are certainly not according to his plans. But despite of these drawbacks, he is known as one of the finest trainers and sometimes he play along with the heroes in order to win several other adventures.

The Professor, Ernest Bamb’o

The Professor, Ernest Bamb'oJust as how professors are portrayed, Mr. Bamb’o shares the same view. He is known to be laid back wearing sandals and funny tropical shirts every day at work. Despite of his funny looks, he is an expert when it comes to the understanding of the elements of Pokemon as he owns a lab of his own in Moki Town.

He supplies Pokemon starters to the trainer and concludes research on the activities when Pokemon are being capture by the Heroes on different adventures. Some gamers might confuse him with trainer as well, but he is in fact the owner of many Pokemons like Pajay who aids him to travel around different regions in the town.

Pokemon Uranium Character Name List for Players

These characters are the real backbone of the entire gaming platform of Pokemon Uranium. Pokemon are just toys if they are not trained under the subject of these characters. So start your journey in the game and eventually you will realize which character is your favorite one. Pokemon Uranium Character Name List for Players

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