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Pokemon Uranium Cheat: Numpad 1 To 5 [ Disable Hot Keys ]

Pokemon Uranium Cheat Numpad 1 To 5 [ Disable Hot Keys ]

Pokemon Uranium Cheat: The pokemon uranium cheats include a versatile number of things given to you which are at your disposal at any given time in the game. These cheats include: Pokemon Uranium Cheat Numpad 1: Add Money. Numpad 2: Super Pokemon HP. Numpad 3: Add Pokemon XP. Numpad 4: Give Pokeballs. Numpad 5: Give Rare […]

Pokemon Uranium Register: How To Register & Login

Pokemon Uranium Register and Login: Pokemon Uranium is all over the place right now. It’s inside our storage compartments and on our heads, in outlets, gyms, and old transformed churches. However in order to become listed on the Poke-lution, you have to join up for Pokemon Uranium. Unless you have a Yahoo account already, it could […]

Pokemon Uranium Multiplayer [Step By Step Guide]

Pokemon Uranium Multiplayer: If you’re a Pokemon admirer, perchance you don’t need an release to Pokemon Uranium game whatsoever. Just like what size enthusiast you are of Pokemon, this game originated by way of a die hard fan. This game is formerly available in new Tandor region which really is a home never to only those […]

How To Pokemon Uranium Mods & Player Skins

How To Pokemon Uranium Mods: Pokemon Uranium got the internet by surprise recently. The makers, presently only known as The Uranium Team, put in about 9 years focusing on the game, looking to get it as near a genuine Pokemon experience as is possible. More and more people downloaded the overall game in one day it […]

Pokemon Uranium APK for Android [Free Download]

Pokemon Uranium APK for Android: Pokemon uranium is a superb game that is out for a while now. The overall game is a free of charge to experiment with download created by a lover who was simply quite affected by the storyline that this portrayed. Today we will be discussing the ways by which we can get […]

Pokemon Uranium Reviews 2019 for PC Users [Best Game or Worst?]

Pokemon Uranium Reviews 2019: Not a sole mainline Pokemon admittance has considered nine years to build up. Obviously, that’s partially because of the massive development groups, and the amount of money that Nintendo pushes to their cash cow. However the truth remains that the franchise gets new entries at what feels as though a regular clip. […]

Pokemon Uranium Cheats Codes for Android [Complete List of Cheats]

Pokemon Uranium Cheats Codes for Android: Pokemon Uranium is a game that is fan-made and combines many elements of the initial game Pokemon with original places, people and plots that could keep you thrilled to the end. It requires devote Tandor, an exotic region with fourteen cities and locations exploration, eight gyms with versatile topics, sixteen routes […]

How To Download Pokemon Uranium [Step By Step Guide]

How To Download Pokemon Uranium: The makers of the game Pokemon Uranium were required to remove the “official” download previous weekend to avoid legal action by Nintendo. The overall game, which includes a completely new region called “Tandor,” completely new Pokemon, and a fresh type called “Nuclear” garnered practically 1.5 million downloads after 9 years in […]

Pokemon Uranium Online Features [with Step By Step Guide]

Pokemon Uranium Online Features: Pokemon uranium have bough list of surprises for the Pokemon lovers. Now there are lots of Modes available in Pokemon Uranium. Speaking of the same, there are some amazing features that makes the Uranium version a top notch element in the basket of similar niches. Pokemon Uranium Online Features Let’s list […]

Pokemon Uranium Character Name List for Players [Male/Female]

Pokemon Uranium Character Name List: Whether it’s a Pokemon game or just a Pokemon show you enjoy on the animated channel, the entire ball game is incomplete without the characters juggling with Pokemon. Every Pokemon needs a trainer and characters to help them win the battle in the Tandor region. Speaking of Pokemon Uranium, in […]

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