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Pokemon Uranium Download Link: Pokemon Uranium is a fan-made game that took nine years to complete the game. The game contains 150 new fan-made species of Pokemon along with a new region. Likewise to the other games Uranium contains both online trading and online battling. This game is launched for Windows PC and it has 150 new Pokémon to capture and train to the homepage to original Game Boy Pokémon titles. To play this game your job is to battle and stop the Pokémon.

Pokemon Uranium Download Link

Pokemon Uranium Download Link

The game has three playable characters, a new region to explore, online battling and trading, and a Pokemon speech translator. You don’t require any emulator to download Pokemon Uranium. Even though its developers consider it to be an homage to the classic Game Boy.

The Windows PC players can simply download the file the working for Mac is under process. The development of this game is going under nearly a decade. The initial release date for this game is 6th August 2016 and the game is nominated for the best fan creation award. It is a single-player as well as multiplayer game.

Let’s start the journey to Pokémon Uranium?

The intro sequence of the game caught your interest and now you are ready to start your journey towards the world of Tandor. Before you start you need to head to the options menu and set up your controls and setting. As the default layout is not perfect for everyone, so the new updates on FPS slider were added into the options menu to adjust the slider up or down as per the requirement while in the game to help reduce lag.

How to fix the bugs of Pokémon Uranium?

Sometimes you may run into the bugs, in that case, you can report them using the Bug Report form and ask the help of the Bugs and Errors page. If you have a serious issue you can recover the game from an automatic backup in the C:\Users\YOURPC\Saved Games\Pokémon Uranium\Backup Folder. Remember this makes only periodic backups so ensure to save often.

If you like to know the layout of the land before you start you can check the Tandor map for a breakdown of all cities, town, routes and Pokémon to be covered here.

Pokemon Uranium Download Latest Version

This guide is not meant to be all covering. Usually there will be a link to a Town, city or a route that provides a map of the area and the information on the trainers, items Pokémon and gym leader in the area in lieu of more detailed information. Once you all set up head down to the next section and start your journey into the world of Pokémon Uranium.

Moki Town

As you open the cinematic sequence you start out in your room in Moki Town. Like all Pokémon games, first of all you should check your PC for free Potion. It will help in the beginning when you are on the move between Pokémon Centers, or your initial fight with your rival. Once you remove the potion, head downstairs to meet head downstairs to meet your Auntie. It’s a good idea to say goodbye to auntie first. So speak to her to get the Running Shoes as it will help you to set a key to automatically run.

Pokemon Uranium Download Link

After finishing speaking to auntie go outside and all the way to the right to talk to the person in front of the first house. Doing it well you will get a Rare Candy as a reward, best to save it for later levels. Feel free to explore all around a bit, but you won’t be able to enter the grass and leave town until you get your first Pokémon from the Professor so head north all the way to the Pokémon Research Lab. As you reach near the entrance, a kid runs up behind and starts to scold you.

Pokemon Uranium Download for PC Dekstop Laptop

It is your rival, Theo, so get used to his childish humor now as it won’t improve until much later on. After your talk with Theo, go into the Pokémon Research Lab to be introduced to Professor Bambo’s and take the Pokémon Trainer Test. The te st is just a way to match you with a Starter Pokémon that match your play style.

How To Download Pokemon Uranium

  1. Includes Mega Progression in battle.
  2. Battle friends and family in PvP complements in a number of formats.
  3. Pok Radar (Tool for looking for special Pokemon)
  4. Nuzlocke Mode
  5. GTS, Marvel Trade, and Virtual Trainer
  6. A lot more than 190 Pokemon to be caught
  7. Contains 8 gyms, 13 cities, and 6 optional Side quests.

Pokemon Uranium Download PC Dekstop

Pokemon Uranium Game Walkthrough

Route 1 (Map)

Continue west and you will reach the Route 1. It’s a great time to catch your Pokémon aside from your starter. In this area there has a few trainers, so it would be a good idea to battle them to toughen up your Pokémon.

Kevlar Town (Map)

When you exit the Route 1 you will be in Kevlar town. You will not find any gym here, but there are a few places of note. As you enter the town you will see the houses directly on your left holds the bicycle shop where you can get a bicycle from later. But now you cannot use it, so you need to move on. In the Pokémon center where you can battle a trainer. One interesting thing about the Kevlar town is the Berry Boutique. It is directly behind the Pokémon and taking to the girl inside gives you a couple of free berries.

Route 2 (Map)

Once you finish the exploring Kevlar town, head north. It route is a rocky mountain pass which offers two routes north from Kevlar Town to Nowtoch City. Initially the overland route is blocked by a rockslide, it forces you to take Passage Cave, but after you reach Nowtoch city, you may double back and explore the mountain pass. But now you go straight into Passage Cave from the bottom route.

Passage Cave

A dark & winding cave which attaches Kevlar Town to Nowtoch City. Pick up the Escape Rope on your left as you enter, as you may need it. Take some time to catch a Pokémon here and train up a bit. A hiker near the exit will give you a tip which you may require during the tough gym battle coming up. Going through the Passage Cave you will reach in the Nowtoch city.

Nowtoch city

It is a high-rise city and houses a number of residents. It’s worth exploring and getting the Pokémon game references. It is also home to a Move Tutor, but he can’t be accessed until later in the game. Apart from this you will find a building labeled Subway which acts as a fast mode of transit between Tandor. But you can’t access it now so leave it for now. You need to be sure at the Pokemon Center right afterwards as once you try to leave the city Theo will battle you. You will obtain HM06 (Rock Smash) once you beat him.

Returning to Moki Town

Route 2 – Moki Town

After defeating Theo and gaining Rock Smash you can now use a shortcut bypass Passage Cave and back to Kevlar Town. While in Nowtoch City, you need to go directly south all the way down until you enter Route 2. You need to battle with a few trainers, as once you get to the rocks a Ranger will enter and heroically get some Pokémon to clear them for you. If you don’t have any Pokémon at this point you need to learn Rock Smash, go back and catch one that can work. After doing all head back to Kevlar Town and back onto Route 1.

Once you enter you will see that you can use Rock Smash to take a new path down, but briefly take a by-pass back to Fisherman’s house through this route and get the Old Rod first. Follow the path back to Moki Town Professor Bambo’s will take you back.

Route 3 (Map)

Head on Route 3 you need to use Rock Smash on the rocks. After reaching a sign right outside of Moki Town look to the right of it in the grass for TM19 (Giga Drain). Don’t use the stairs for now and continue going east until you reach the house. Line yourself up with the door and go directly down for another Rare Candy.

Burole town (Map)

Welcome to Burole town! Here you can go to the upper floor of the training school and fight the students for a Nugget to sell. You can talk to the citizens about how backwards and of touch people from your town are. You will find the trainers in here to battle like every gym, but to proceed in this you must use Rock Smash to break the rocks around the gym until you get the bright gem.

Route 4 (Map)

After beating the Davern you will get your second badge. You will to go east out of town and onto Route 4. Battle your way north, across the bridge, up towards Comet Cave and collect the TM42 (Façade), TM10 (Hidden Power), TM08 (Bulk Up) and thunderstone along the way.

Comet Cave

Heading back to Comet Cave you will find Theo talking to man blocking the road. He explains the cave is dangerous so don’t go alone you take him as his friend. It is the great opportunity for you to level your Pokemon.

Route 5 (Map)

It is a relatively short area, it is in the main artery between West and East Tandor. To get to East Tandor you will need to Surf form here later on. Rochfale Town is near as you turn left through the building. You will find TM62 (Silver Wind), PP Up and a Soothe Bell, among the other items.

Rochfale Town (Map)

It is a quite sleepy town and here is very little to see here save for a few things of note. This is first one of the houses a Pokemon, who will reward you if you can bring him the Pokemon he wants to see. The second interesting thing about this place is Professor Cypress’s Lab. Don’t worry about going into the lab for now, as the game will automatically port you to via Professor Bambo’s once you go west out of the city. After finishing the exploring, go west and you will be brought to the lab, which actually had a break in.

Route 6

This is a long way but it has a few trainers and items to pick up along the way. You will get a Rare candy on a tree stump on the NE top corner of the route. As you head west you will reach the end of the route. The gatehouse guarded by security officers inform you the route to Legen Town is closed due to construction.

Rochfale Tunnel

It is the short connector between route 6 & Bealbeach City. Here you find some Pokemon to catch and trainers to fight.

Route 7 (Map)

It is a fairly linear route, but here are wild Pokemon in the sand as well as various trainers. As you step outside the cave talk to the man for a Super Repel, then you need to head to the east to the house, there is lady who will heal your Pokemon for you.

Bealbeach city (Map)

It is the city furthest north of West Tandor, which has a few interesting places. The Bealbeach city Gym run by Cali who uses beach Pokemon. It also has a Casino, the Tandor Ranger Union and Bealbeach Department Store.

Pokemon Uranium Download for Laptop

New Features of Pokemon Uranium Download

1. Pokemon Trainer Test
It is an initial test is designed by Professor Bambo’s to check the compatibility with a starter Pokemon. The trainers which take the test are then divided into one of 3 categories.
a) Offensive
Uses an all-out attack strategy to crush the opponent. Receive Raptorch.

b) Defensive
If you prefer the revolving strategies revolving in protection and healing. Receive Orchynx.

c) Balanced
Using mix of offensive and defensive strategies. Receive Eletux.

2. Nuclear type

It is a new Pokemon type introduced in Pokemon Uranium, bringing the total number of types present in the game to 19.

Nuclear can be considered a type of similar to the Shadow-type in Pokemon Colosseum and XD. Regular Pokemon are exposed to an undue amount of radiation will be corrupted and wild turning a different color.

The Corrupted Nuclear Pokemon are more aggressive than the normal Pokemon and likened to mindless monsters that can attack anything in sight. The player is able to catch them, but they don’t obey the orders and even attack their trainer. During the course of the story, the corrupted Pokemon can be cured to obey order and to act normally. Their appearance and move set will remain same. Naturally occurring Nuclear-type Pokemon such as Urayne, Nucleon and Hazma are stable and behave normally without of any special treatment.

3. Tandor Region
The game is a set of Tandor Region, a tropical region which is designed to keep in mind the real-life places like Los angles, Rio de Janeiro, Venice etc. The Tandor landscape has many completely unique areas that set it apart from the existing Pokemon game. Each area of Tandor is home to all-new kinds of Pokemon.

Pokemon Uranium Download Latest Version

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